Swindon Osteopath fully registered and specialising in Musculoskeletal pain and Sports Massage

T: 07860 568 946
E: info@swindon-osteo.co.uk

T: 07860 568 946   E: info@swindon-osteo.co.uk


We have a number of treatments available at our clinic please click on each below for further information on each treatment as it’s fees.

Treatment Packages

If your condition requires more than one or two treatments then a package of 6 or 10 treatment sessions are available. This may be suggested where the diagnosis and pathology warrants a number of treatments. If this is the case the diagnosis and tissue involvement, together with your rehabilitation treatment plan will be completely explained as will the expected outcomes of such a treatment plan.

6 Treatment Sessions £228.00 (5% Discount)
10 Treatment Sessions £360.00 (10% Discount)